Terms & Conditions

 Definition of terms

“Products” refers to products sold through the web page www.blueshinejewellery.com. The "Seller" is the sole trader Zbynek Novotny - 2i Riro Street, Hamilton,  3216 New Zealand. The "Customer" is the party (entrepreneur or company) who has entered into a contract purchasing Products with the Seller.


Product prices and shipping prices

The current prices of the products are listed on www.blueshinejewellery.com. These prices do not include the cost of delivering the products to the place given by the Customer. The shipping charges will be paid separately by the Customer according to the current price list. More information can be found in the Shipping section. If the Customer comes directly to the seller to collect the product, he will only pay for the product.

Ordering products

Customers can order on our website www.blueshinejewellery.com. The Seller will consequently confirm the order (or part). To confirm the order it is necessary to specify the exact product ordered – designation of the type, price and quantity, the shipping price, method pf payment, payment date, method of delivery and delivery date. An order (part) confirmed in this way is considered as binding by both parties.

Payment for ordered items

It is possible to pay for ordered items by credit card or PayPal transfer (through secured PayPal bank server). Bank account number of the Seller: PayPal Inc. Account number: info@blueshinejewellery.com Variable symbol: order number

Delivery date

Items ordered are usually dispatched within 24 hours after the payment is received. The delivery date depends on the chosen shipping options(4-14 days), but on average it takes between 7 and 10 days. If the circumstances require, the Seller and Customer can agree to extend the delivery deadline or arrange alternate fulfillment for the same price and quality. After confirming the order, the Customer will always be informed about the delivery time via email.

Delivery and receipt of the ordered products

After receiving the payment for the products and shipping, the Seller is obliged to deliver the ordered items to the Customer in the agreed quality, price, and quantity. Before the Customer receives the ordered products, he must confirm the order and pay the price of the product and shipping. On receiving the ordered products, the Customer will confirm that the order is complete, undamaged and that it has been received by signing a delivery certificate/invoice/shipping certificate.


The Customer has the option to cancel the order within 24 hours of sending it, without giving a reason, or to rescind the contract within 20 working days (Rescinding the Contract). The Customer can do so by sending an email to sales@blueshinejewellery.com. If the Customer cancels the order within 24 hours but has already paid for the items ordered, the Seller will return his money by bank transfer (or postal money-order). If the order is cancelled after 24 hours (and after the items have been sent from the storage areas) then this will be considered Rescinding the Contract (because goods will have already been dispatched.)

Defective items, guarantee period and returns

The Seller is responsible for defects the items have when delivered to the Customer. If it is a defect that can be removed, the Customer has the right to have the defect completely removed free of charge and as soon as possible. The Seller is obliged to remove this defect without any unnecessary delay. The Customer has the right to request a replacement instead of removal of the defect, or if only a part of the item is defective, he may ask for a replacement for that part, if no unreasonable expenses arise for the Seller in regard to the price of the item or the degree to which the item is damaged. If it is a defect that cannot be removed and it prevents the item from being used as an item without any defects, the Customer has the right to a replacement or to rescind the contract. If it is a defect that cannot be removed, the Customer has the right to receive a discount off the price of the product. The warranty period is 12 months and starts from the day that the item was delivered to the Customer. The Customer submits the warranty claim to the Seller from whom he bought the item. If necessary, contact the Seller at sales@blueshinejewellery.com or phone: +64220343977.

Returns do not apply to:

- Items damaged by the Customer (rips, tears, breaks and scratches etc.)

- Silver tarnishing: Tarnishing is a natural property of silver. Usually it is only necessary to polish the tarnished piece of jewelry with a silver polishing cloth, solution, or with (old wives’ recipe) tooth paste or cigarette ashes. The jewelry can also be cleaned using ultrasound.


The jewelry will tarnish excessively in the following cases: using aggressive skin care products that contain (even traces of) compounds of sulphur, ammonia, or other salts; perspiring excessively (especially in the summer); wearing the jewelry while swimming in the sea, at a spa, in a chlorinated pool etc.; washing dishes and floors (especially with bleach) etc. while wearing the piece of jewelry (rings especially suffer).

Rescinding the contract

The Customer is authorized to rescind the contract without stating the reason within 20 working days after receiving the item. By rescinding the contract, the Customer annuls the contract from the beginning and the Seller is obliged to accept the returned item and refund the purchase price for the item to the Customer within 15 days of the rescission of the contract. The Customer bears the expense of returning the product.

Conditions for rescinding the contract

After giving prior notice by email to sales@blueshinejewellery.com, the item should be returned in an insured envelope or package to the following address:

Zbynek Novotny

2i Riro Street

Hamilton 3204

New Zealand


After checking the item, we will refund the price paid for the purchased item within 15 days (minus postage and handling charges) by bank transfer, PayPal or in the form of credit in our e-shop.


The item should not have been used, worn or damaged and should be in a state so that it can be sold again. The removal of labels, price tags and stickers is not permitted and products with these items removed will be considered used. The package with the item must contain the original receipt. We recommend that you insure the item.

Accepted errors

We reserve the right to change the specifications, design or other parameters of items without giving prior notice. In spite of our best efforts it is possible that a mistake might arise concerning the specifications, design, or other parameters or depictions. We do not bear any responsibility for these.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@blueshinejewellery.com